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Timber Veneers Melbourne

Veneers panels

All popular veneers are stocked including backing veneers on 3mm MDF and 1.5 plywood. Veneers can be used for Joinery, Wall units, Kitchen cupboards, Office fit-outs and shopfitting. In fact numerous applications. Veneers not in stock can be made, lead times apply.

Wood Panels Melbourne

Among different kinds of veneers and panels, timber veneers are a very popular and versatile type among various wood panels available in Melbourne, primarily because it caters to an array of functions and design ideas. Veneer is especially known for its beautiful finish, which is natural even though men who works on this renewable resource often enhances it.

Timber Veneer Panels

Timber veneers and timber veneer panels have versatile uses. Cost, aesthetics, are just a few of the main considerations while using timber veneers to design. It has also been noted that each kind of veneer can have unique characteristics.

The small and medium sized veneer architectural work can be designed from stock panels or custom manufactured panels depending on availability of veneer at the time.

These factors are important in choosing the most appropriate Timber Veneers in Melbourne and Wood Panels in Melbourne. Once someone realizes this, the purchase becomes significantly easier. Contact us at Cabinet Makers for your veneer panels

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