How thick should veneer be?

Veneer is generally 1.5mm thick and can be pressed onto a size of your choice. Lead times may apply**. Veneers generally come pressed on board ranging anywhere from 3mm- 32mm.

Can you refinish wood veneer?

Wood veneer can be refinished as long as the veneer isn’t too thin. It is important not to remove too much of the old finish when re applying.

Is veneer the same as a laminate?

No, Veneer is a thin layer of hardwood applied to either MDF, Plywood or Particle Board. Laminate is a printed surface normally made out of plastic which is designed to look like real wood which then can be applied to the product.

Is veneer furniture good quality?

Veneers are a natural product and a cost effective option opposed to solid timber furniture. They are a perfect option for vanities, tv units, cupboards etc.

Can you screw into MDF?

Although MDF can be known to split – a simple way of avoiding this is:  Clamp both sides of the timber with a hand screw. Make a pilot hole. Use straight shanked screws.

Can you waterproof MDF?

MDF should never be used in an application where it is exposed to extreme weather conditions. Moisture resistant (MR MDF) is an available product to use although as its name states, it is moisture resistant not water resistant or waterproof. MR MDF is created to withstand moisture in areas which could susceptible to humidity (e.g […]

Should I use MDF for cabinets?

MDF can easily be cut to size for all applications. It can be machined, routed and drilled without the fear of chipping or splintering. The smooth surface also makes it an ideal product for painting and for cabinets.

Is MDF wood good for furniture?

MDF is cost-effective and easily machined. Since it is affordable and it comes in all shapes and sizes, it is a popular choice for furniture.

Is MDF as strong as wood?

Yes, MDF is strong and durable. Moreover, MDF lacks natural defects, which makes cabinets made out of the product very durable.