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Hardboard Excellence with Melbourne's Premier Supplier

Our selection of hardboard stands out in the Melbourne market. Loved by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, our hardboard offers unparalleled versatility, durability, and a smooth finish. Integrating hardboard into your projects, from furniture to interior designs, lets you tap into its robust qualities while achieving a sleek, modern look.

As Melbourne’s leading supplier and distributor of hardboard, Cabinet Timbers is dedicated to providing top-tier hardboard sheets for a variety of uses.

Reach out to Cabinet Timbers today to find the ideal hardboard solution for any project, ensuring quality and satisfaction with every piece.

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Tempered Hardboard

Tempered Hardboard is a material that is manufactured from Eucalyptus timber species and water-resistant synthetic resins to comply with AS 1859.4, Tempered hardboard is a tough high-density building board with superior strength. The fine, densely bonded, wood fibre structure of Tempered hardboard is resistant to abrasion and sufficiently durable for use in semi-protected exterior applications.

Whilst tempered hardboard retains the smooth face surface and fine wire screen back of other Hardboard products, it is characterised by its distinctive dark hard face surface. The smooth surface quality provides an excellent base for paint finishing with most industrial and domestic coatings. Furthermore, hardboard is utilised for different applications which includes, furniture, bedrooms, and other modern designs.

Features Attributes: 

  • Natural Product
  • Grain free, smooth surface
  • Hardness & water resistance 
  • Excellent paintability
  • High modulus of rupture

Feature applications:

  • Interior Linings for workshops & garages
  • Cabinets, shelving, workbench surfacing
  • Door Skins for moisture areas
  • Flooring surfacing 
  • Seat backing and floor panels 
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Pegboard Perforated Hardboard

Pegboard is a perforated hardboard panel used extensively in the domestic, retail and shop fitting industries. Originally designed for use as a storage solution, Pegboard is a highly adaptable product and is fully supported with a wide range of system-driven hooks and shelving accessories. Safe to cut and machine, Pegboard is highly durable, has a smooth surface, commercially applied matt white undercoat and offers acoustic benefits.

Furthermore, the pegboard preforated hardboard is utilised for different applications which includes, garages, office space, residentual or commercial walls, kitchens, and workshops.

Features Attributes: 

  • Light weight & easy installation 
  • Domestic, retail & shop fitting
  • Smooth side with a mesh pattern
  • High density & strength
  • Versatile & sturdy

Feature applications:

  • Furniture, shopfitting & accoustic constuction
  • Organiser for kitchen items & children toys
  • Types of hooks and pegs
  • Can be painted & coated
Tools Pegboard Hardboard
Caneite Hardboard


Caneite Softboard is soft, resilient, light coloured sheet material10 to 25 mm thick, manufactured from bagasse (sugar-cane) fibres. Caneite Softboards can be grooved or drilled to improve their sound absorbing capabilities and then used as acoustic boards. They are used for ceilings and wall linings particularly where reflected sound is to be reduced.

Features Attributes: 

  • Durable & light weight
  • Fire resistant & thermal insuilation 
  • Expaned joint fillers 
  • Easy to handle

Feature applications:

  • Ceilings and wall linings
  • Protective packaging
  • Offices & notice boards
  • Utilised for sound control
  • Used in homes, factories & educational instituations

Celebrating 100 years

From humble beginnings in 1924. Cabinet Timbers has grown to Victoria’s leading supplier of wood panels. We know the importance of thinking long-term. At Cabinet Timbers, we believe in sustainability – that’s why everything we sell is sourced from sustainably managed forests. After all, we’ve only got one planet, and it’s our responsibility to do what we can to protect it and reduce the impact of the Australian building and manufacturing industry.

Trusted by builders and renovators across Melbourne

Discover Melbourne's Leading Hardboard Selection

When it comes to choosing hardboard for your endeavors, understanding its qualities and potential applications is key. The finish and durability of hardboard make it a standout choice, offering a sleek appearance along with a robust structure. Our hardboard collection is tailored to meet diverse needs, featuring options ideal for various projects, from home improvements to professional designs.

For projects of any scale, contact us today, we can help you select the perfect hardwood building board to suit any project application.

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Hardboard FAQs

What is hardboard?

Hardboard is a type of engineered wood product that is made from wood fibres that have been compressed under high heat and pressure. This process results in a dense, flat panel that is uniform in thickness and appearance. It is known for its strength and durability, making it a popular choice for a wide range of applications. Unlike other ranges of wood panels, hardboard does not have a grain, which means it can be cut in any direction without the risk of splitting or breaking. It’s also relatively lightweight, yet strong enough to resist bending and warping over time.

What is a hardboard used for?

Hardboard is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of applications, both in residential and commercial settings. Its common uses include interior wall panelling, furniture manufacture, and the production of cabinetry and shelving. Due to its smooth surface and stability, it is also frequently used as a backing for wardrobes, drawer bottoms, and as a substrate for flooring and countertops. 


Cabinet Timbers offers hardboard that is specifically designed to meet the demands of various projects, ensuring clients can utilise it for everything from practical applications, like door skins in moisture-prone areas, to creative endeavours, such as decorative interior lining and customised furniture pieces.

What is a hardboard made of?

Hardboard is manufactured from wood fibres. which are primarily sourced from either hardwoods, softwoods, or a combination of both. These fibres are extracted through a process that involves chipping the wood into small pieces, followed by breaking it down further using steam and heat. 

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