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Hardboard Underlay

A2P Underlay is ideal over strip timber, concrete, particleboard and plywood floors and provides a uniform, flat, indent resistant base prior to the installation of resilient sheet floor coverings. Helping to extend the life and improve the appearance of linoleum and, cushioned vinyl, flexible and semi-rigid PVC, cork, rubber and even textile floor coverings.

Hardboard Underlay creates an excellent base for all types of coverings and the best finish will most likely beachieved by using a qualified installer;

  • Resilient direct stick or loose laid .
  • Textiles direct stick and conventional lay.
  • Timber products

Premium grade adhesives and accessories will help for a good finish in line with their commendations of the floor covering manufacturers.


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Tempered Hardboard

Tempered Hardboard is manufactured from Eucalyptas timber species and water resistant synthetic resins to comply with AS 1859.4, Tempered hardboard is a tough high-density building board with superior strength. The fine, densely bonded, wood fibre structure of Tempered hardboard is resistant to abrasion and sufficiently durable for use in semi-protected exterior applications.

Whilst Tempered retains the smooth face surface and fine wire screen back of other Hardboard products, it is characterised by its distinctive dark hard face surface. The smooth surface quality provides an excellent base for paint finishing with most industrial and domestic coatings.

Tempered has a wide range of applications, especially where there are requirements for superior indent resistance, lasting performance and aesthetic stylishness.

  • Interior lining of timber or metal-framed walls and ceilings in workshops, garages and in industrial or
    commercial premises.
  • Cabinet construction, industrial shelving and work bench surfacing, shop fitting.
  • Door Skins for surface flush panel doors, for use in moisture areas.
  • Surfacing of concrete form boards and formwork for landscaping.
  • Floor surfacing, particularly in the restoration of old buildings, dance/stage and theatre floors.
  • Seat backing and interior side and floor panels for transport and industrial vehicles.
For best practice, Tempered Hardboard should be conditioned by wetting the back of the board with water for at least 48 hours before foxing. Apply the water with sprinkler or fine spray and brush into the surface with a stiff broom. Stack the sheets flat, back to back for the required period.
Tempered Hardboard is easy to work and machine with normal woodworking tools and equipment. Cut sheets with a fine tooth handsaw or power saw. Edges may be trimmed with a smoothing plane, power plane or sandpaper. Where holes are required clean cutter bits or twist drills are satisfactory. Woodworking shapers, spindle moulders and high speed routers may be used to shape or mould the edges of Tempered Hardboard.


Pegboard is a perforated hardboard panel used extensively in the domestic, retail and shop fitting industries. Originally designed for use as a storage solution, Pegboard is a highly adaptable product and is fully supported with a wide range of system-driven hooks and shelving accessories. Safe to cut and machine, Pegboard is highly durable, has a smooth surface, commercially applied matt white undercoat and offers acoustic benefits.
Complies with the requirements Australian Standard AS 1859.4 Standard Hardboard. Circular perforations in a square or diagonal pattern
  • Display panels for the merchandising of goods.
  • Storage panels for offices, factories, garden and tool sheds.
  • Organiser for children’s toys and kitchen utilises
  • Ceiling for displaying art and mobiles in pre-schools, kindergartens and day care centre
  • Functional wall linings to utilise or decorate wall space by hanging artistic work, decorations and merchandise
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Caneite Softboard is soft, resilient, light coloured sheet material10 to 25 mm thick, manufactured from bagasse (sugar-cane) fibres. Caneite Softboards can be grooved or drilled to improve their sound absorbing capabilities and then used as acoustic boards. They are used for ceilings and wall linings particularly where reflected sound is to be reduced.

Durability: Caneite Softboard has good durability. It will be damaged if subjected to high impact loads. Thermal insulation value is reduced if the board gets wet.

Fire Resistance: The contribution to the fire resistance of a structure is proportional to the thickness of the board. For example 13mm insulating board will contribute 15 minutes fire resistance when used as lining to wall or partition and 10minutes when used as a ceiling

Caneite Softboard can be effectively used for wall linings, and ceilings. When used for panelling and partitioning with adequate framework for support, insulation board helps absorb reflected sound. Caneite Softboard, aesthetically covered with attractive fabrics serves as a practical and unobtrusive display board ideal for window dressing and other displays in all kinds of stores.

Another fast growing application is pin board, Caneite has excellent “Pinability.”Use of softboard in recording studios, auditoria and other places that require sound control, results in effective reduction of reflected sound. Softboard is also used for all purposes where good thermal insulation is required, in the form of wall lining, ceilings and roof linings.

It is also used as core material for partitions and doors, for partition panels, and as anti-drum lining for metal partitions and machine casings. For purposes requiring a resilient material, such as a floor or carpet underlay, it assists in reducing impact sound transmission.

Due to its resilient nature Caneite board is used as base material for expansion joint fillers. In situations where humid conditions may arise bitumen-impregnated softboard should be specified.

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