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Particle Board is known as a wood panel that is exceedingly dense, affordably priced and versatile due to its core being filled with large particles and exquisite particles found within the sanded exteriors. As a result, it is also known as chipboard.

Particle Board is identified for its bonded strength and a more uniform material. As a result, it has a wide variety of uses, i.e shelving for sheds, garages, and applications where it is covered, but not to be used in areas that attract moisture, it also comes overlaid with melamine.

If you are searching for this versatile material within our quality range, we offer Standard Particle Board, Highly Moisture Resistant (HMR) and General Purpose Particle Board Flooring.

Highly Moisture Resistant (HMR) is the same as the standard version except that it is Moisture Resistant, (not waterproof). Applications for HMR are areas of high moisture, like kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. All of our board materials including HMR, are made from Pine, logged from managed and sustainable Pine forests, in Australia. The emission level of both is E0.

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Discover Our Premium Particle Board Sizes & Options

Particle Board Melbourne

18mm – 1800×600

  • 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 25mm, 33mm – 2400×1200
  • 16mm – 3600×1200
  • 18mm – 3600×600, 3600×1200, 3600×1800
  • 33mm – 3600×600, 3600×900, 3600×1200

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From humble beginnings in 1924. Cabinet Timbers has grown to Victoria’s leading supplier of wood panels. We know the importance of thinking long-term. At Cabinet Timbers, we believe in sustainability – that’s why everything we sell is sourced from sustainably managed forests. After all, we’ve only got one planet, and it’s our responsibility to do what we can to protect it and reduce the impact of the Australian building and manufacturing industry.

Particle Board FAQs

What is the actual thickness of a standard particle board?

The thickness of a standard particle board depends on a variety of factors usually on the manufacturer and its intended use. The most common thickness measured is 12mm – 33mm. Furthermore, it should be noted that the strength and durability of a particle board correlate with the thickness of the panel material. So, it’s important to select a particle board based on its thickness and specific usability.

What is a particle board?

A particle board is an engineered wood product bonded together from glued wood particles. Furthermore, it is smooth and has a consistent surface with different grades based on specific use. It is considered a relatively inexpensive wood material with great versatility for a variety of design applications such as furniture, wall panels, flooring and cabinetry.

What's the difference between particle board and MDF?

Whilst particle board is made up of glued wood particles and MDF boards is made from bonded wood fibres. MDF is considered denser, robust and expensive in comparison but the particle board is both smooth and has a consistent finish for an inexpensive material.

Is particle board fire resistant?

It is not fire resistant and can be highly flammable.

How strong is a wooden particle board?

A wooden particle board can vary on the basis of the quality, strength and grade of the board. Higher-grade boards are both sturdy and denser, whilst lower-grade boards are known to be weak in comparison. Furthermore, the strength of a board can be measured against external factors such as temperature, moisture and the specific adhesive bonding of the wood particles together.

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