Particle Board

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Particle Board is a product that is relatively cheap, it has a variety of uses, i.e shelving for sheds, garages, applications where it is covered, but not to be used in areas that attract moisture, it also comes overlaid with melamine. Particle Board is also known as chipboard.

Highly Moisture Resistant (HMR) Particle Board is the same as Particle Board except that it is Moisture Resistant, (not waterproof). Applications for HMR Particle board are areas of high moisture, like kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

All Particle Boards and HMR Particle Boards, are made from Pine, logged from managed and
sustainable Pine forests, in Australia. The emission level of both is E0.

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Particle Board Flooring

Particleboard Flooring is a well established and well performed product in the Australian home building industry. This wide use and acceptance has led to an increasing number of enquiries from engineers, architects and designers about Particleboard Flooring for commercial and industrial applications. Particleboard Flooring provides major cost savings through its economy and through lighter construction allowing reduced foundation cost. Installation times are reduced since dry trades only are involved. Particleboard floors are also more comfortable for people standing for long periods and offer better wearing characteristics than some other flooring materials for wheeled traffic (especially small wheels) because of the dense surface layer.
Particleboard flooring

Particle Board Sizing

Particle Board

18mm – 2400 x 1200

  • 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 25mm, 33mm – 2400×1200
  • 16mm – 3600×1200
  • 18mm – 3600×600, 3600×1200, 3600×1800
  • 33mm – 3600×600, 3600×900, 3600×1200
  • 19mm – 3600×800
  • 19mm – 3600×900
  • 22mm – 3600×900

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