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Marine Plywood Melbourne

Plywood panels

Our plywood range is second to none, ranging from Marine ply manufactured to AS 2272. Exterior plywood manufactured to As 2271 and Interior plywood manufactured to AS2270.

Structural plywoods manufactured to AS 2269 which includes T/G flooring, Cladding, Form ply, Ply Grove and Bracing Plywood.

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Exterior & Interior Plywood in Melbourne

Plywood has become very popular in the recent past due to its many benefits and perks. In fact, it has become so popular that these days there are various kinds of plywoods available specifically including birch plywood and exterior plywood available in Melbourne, interior plywood that can be found in wood markets all across Melbourne, marine plywood, waterproof Plywood and Wood Panels. While they may be primarily the same thing and very similar, all of these are distinct from the other and each has its own benefits that it is popular for. Here is a look at these various kinds of plywoods and their perks.

Birch Plywood in Melbourne

Birch plywood is a special kind of a plywood product that is known to belong to regions close to the Arctic Circle. It is extremely popular and mainly manufactured to make cabinets, which is why it often comes in the rather odd sheet sizes of 24.40’x12.20′.

The unique thing about birch plywood is that it is unlike traditional plywood that is used everywhere: the inner layers are made of solid birch veneer. Furthermore, they are cross-banded and coated with a good layer of adhesive, which makes them even more durable and sturdy for all kinds of use.  This type of plywood is a quality plywood, which is why it is exported across the globe.

Waterproof Plywood Melbourne

Exterior Plywood is manufactured using Pine Veeners in Australia to Australian standards which is AS2271 to be commonly used in exterior applications where a durable, high quality and aesthetic look is required. This makes exterior plywood in Melbourne perfect to be used indoors, outdoor furniture fabrication, and boats.

Interior plywood available in many parts of Melbourne

Interior Plywood is manufactured using Pine Veeners in Australia to Australian standards which is AS2270. Hoop Pine is one of the popular species of wood that is used to manufacture the same.

Plywood Sheets

Marine plywood is manufactured using Pine Veeners Australia to Australian standards which is AS2272. It is constructed in a way that it’s used in areas where it might be exposed to moisture for long periods of time. A solid and stable glue bond is used for marine plywood, which is water and boil proof and that adds to its durability.

Waterproof Plywood Sheets

We provide structural plywood and waterproof plywood sheets. Please visit us at Cabinet Timbers for your structural plywood needs. Our waterproof plywood sheets are durable and of very good quality.

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