Superior gloss and matte panels for interior cabinetry.

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StyleLite - The Premium Acrylic Board

Introducing StyleLite – an Australian-made acrylic board with a superior finish and appearance that’s a favourite of interior designers, builders and homeowners looking to add a touch of elegance and versatility to their homes. Available in a range of colours, finishes and styles, The acrylic board is the gold standard of finishing boards. 

Many people believe it’s impossible to find a material that’s built to last, can be used in a variety of ways and also looks good – but StyleLite can do all three.

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StyleLite Panels

StyleLite Panels You Can Trust

It’s an Australian-made premium acrylic board that’s manufactured without any harmful emissions, which makes it a great choice for designers and builders who are committed to using more environmentally-friendly materials. And it’s fully recyclable, so building site clean up is a breeze.

But that doesn’t mean StyleLite isn’t a tough wood panel.

This panelling material is resistant to both heat and moisture, so it doesn’t promote bacterial growth, which makes it the ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

Thanks to TruColour technology, StyleLite is UV and colour change resistant, making it more than up to the challenge of withstanding rooms with lots of direct sunlight. This is thanks to TruColour’s advanced multi-layer UV resistant technology.

The base colour layer, TruColour UV layer and the clear acrylic layer all bind together to create a strong and flawless resistance that protects any interiors from fading. It is also highly scratch-resistant – so you don’t need to worry about chips, cracks, or having to pay for replacement panels after just a few years. Any minor scratches can be easily removed with a soft cloth and a splash of liquid polish.

So StyleLite isn’t just durable – it can also save you money long term. 

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TruColor Reduces Fading Over Time


StyleLite Is Stylish & Versatile

Unlike laminate or vinyl, this popular material is constructed using PUR (Polyurethane) Lamination, an advanced hot-melt process. During the manufacturing stage, PUR makes contact with the moisture in the air which allows it to form stronger bonds after the curing process is completed. The result is a superior finish and adhesion over PVA and contacts adhesive lamination.

And they don’t call it StyleLite for anything.

StyleLite panels are available in either a matte or gloss finish, so you have the freedom to choose the type of finishing board that best suits the look and feel of what you’re building.

StyleLite Panels

The high gloss finish offers a shiny and smooth look that can transform your regular kitchen, cabinets or bathroom vanities from dull to dazzling. Or if you want to create a more subtle look, you can opt for the matte finish. The top coat is anti-fingerprint, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly marks on corners and handles. So when it comes to colour longevity and maintenance – it is the superior choice.  

Whichever finish you choose, you can be confident this acrylic panel will create a sleek and eye-catching surface with full depth of colour. 

So if you’re searching for a premium material to create luxurious and stunning interior spaces – look no further than the best StyleLite suppliers in Melbourne today. 

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We provide StyleLite in both True Matte & Gloss in the following colours:

StyleLite Alabaster


StyleLite Carbon


StyleLite Arctic


StyleLite Suppliers
  • Carbon
  • Arctic White 
  • Alabaster
  • Gloss StyleLite
  • True Matte StyleLite
  •  18mm – 2400 x 1200
  • 18mm – 3100 x 1200

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