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Timber Veneers Specifications

All popular veneers are stocked in our Melbourne warehouse including backing veneers on 3mm MDF and 1.5 plywood. Wood veneers can be used for Joinery, Wall units, Kitchen cupboards, Office fit-outs and shopfitting. In fact numerous applications. Veneers not in stock can be made, lead times apply.

Among different kinds of  veneers and panels, timber veneers are a very popular and versatile type among various wood panels available in Melbourne, primarily because it caters to an array of functions and design ideas. Timber veneer is especially known for its beautiful finish, which is natural even though tradies who work on this renewable resource often enhance it.

Timber veneers are a natural product which compromises of thin sliced wood which are pressed onto either an MDF, particleboard or plywood panel. The veneers we have here at Cabinet Timbers are either sourced from Australia, North America & Europe. Depending on how the log is sliced, veneers are generally available in two different options (quarter cut & crown cut).

Quarter cut is when the log is sliced at right angles to growth rings which therefore produce a straight line pattern, Crown cut is when the log is sliced parallel to the growth rings, producing a crown like figure throughout the veneer.  As they are a natural product, there may be variations throughout each panel. 

 Custom sizes can be made to order – lead times apply. 

Features – 

  • Natural Product
  • Cost effective 
  • Durable 
  • Over 100 species available
  • Less tendency to bow than solid timber

Feature applications- 

  • Partitions
  • Wall lining
  • Furniture 
  • Kitchens, laundries and bathrooms
  • Commercial & Domestic 


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Veneers are a natural product and a cost effective option opposed to solid timber furniture. They are a perfect option for vanities, tv units, cupboards etc.

No, Veneer is a thin layer of hardwood applied to either MDF, Plywood or Particle Board.
Laminate is a printed surface normally made out of plastic which is designed to look like real wood which then can be applied to the product.

Wood veneer can be refinished as long as the veneer isn’t too thin. It is important not to remove too much of the old finish when re applying.

Veneer is generally 1.5mm thick and can be pressed onto a size of your choice. Lead times may apply**.
Veneers generally come pressed on board ranging anywhere from 3mm- 32mm.

Wood veneers need lacquering for protection

Yes as long as the veneers are still presentable.

There a few options for this.

  1. By using the scribing blade on your panel saw.
  2. If you are a DIY enthusiast, cut the veneer roughly 5mm over what is needed and plain it back.
  3. Seek help from a cabinet maker.

The product already comes sanded but it is advisable to give it a light sand before being lacquered.

Timber veneer kitchen

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