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Plantation Oak Veneer

Cabinet Timbers produce high-quality elegant Plantation Oak timber veneers, which are available on particle board, plywood and MDF (medium-density fibreboard). Plantation Oak is one of the most popular Australian timbers due to its versatility in applications. Plantation Oak timber veneer panels can be used for a variety of low- and medium-wear indoor applications including interior doors, wall panelling, ceiling panels, tables, desktops, offices, and furniture.


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Plantation Oak is also known as Southern Blue Gum and is typically a warm mid-brown colour. This sustainable natural wood veneer is usually slip matched, so that adjoining surfaces have a repeating grain figure, but joints do not show a grain match. Plantation Oak can also be book matched, so that adjoining surfaces have close to the same appearance but are mirrored. Quarter cut veneers are made by cutting a log into quarters before slicing each quarter at right angles to the growth rings. This results in a veneer with a uniform lined vertical grain for a contemporary finish.

Timber veneers are also environmentally friendly. Not only is wood a recyclable and renewable resource, but using veneers also extends the use of a piece of timber compared to using one solid piece.

Our range of timber veneers are stocked in our Melbourne warehouse, including backing veneers on 3mm MDF and 1.5mm plywood. 

Origin: Spain

Sizes available: 4.2mm, 6mm, 13mm, 17mm, 19mm, 25mm

Other sizes made to order on request – lead times apply.


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