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Medium density fibre board also known as MDF board, coloured melamine sheets and particle boards are extremely popular in Melbourne because of their durability and use. This article discusses the three of these popular materials and the reasons why they are so popular along with their possible disadvantages.

Since the MDF board is a manufactured fibre board, it is quite similar to particle boards in Melbourne. The main distinction between these two is the size of the particles that they are made of. For instance, the particle board available in Melbourne is made with relatively bigger wooden chips, the MDF board is prepared using extremely fine wood dust.


These two are constructed in the same way; by gluing together fibres using resin and then heating and compressing the board. After the boards have dried, they are cut in the required shapes and lengths.


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Just like the MDF board, the particle boards are also very popular reconstituted wood panel in Melbourne that are commonly manufactured from pine chip even though they can also be manufactured using wooden strands or wood flakes.

Coloured melamine sheets are used as panels for the surfaces of kitchens, bathrooms and laundry cabinets, wall and storage units, shelves, wardrobes, workstations and reception areas. They are also used in shop displays and bar fronts. Since their use is so widespread and popular, they come in various colours to suit different uses and applications. Coloured melamine sheets are cost effective, durable. And this is precisely the reason why customers looking for something chic and of good value for money prefer them!


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