Victorian Terrace House Renovation

Renovation of an Inner City Victorian Terrace House

The renovation of this inner-city Victorian terrace house is a masterful display of modern design seamlessly integrated with classic architecture. The project’s focal point is the creation of lush internal courtyards and fluidly connected living spaces, embodying a unique blend of privacy and openness.

The client envisioned their Victorian home as a “Palm House,” a concept that evokes the lush, green ambience of a rainforest. This vision was brought to life through thoughtful design and material selection, particularly in the choice of Queensland Walnut veneer.

Inner City Victorian Terrace House

A key aspect of the design was the innovative use of light. Two courtyards were strategically incorporated to maximise natural daylight. The first courtyard, adjacent to the master bedroom, features a private outdoor shower, offering an intimate connection with nature. The second courtyard boasts a serene billabong, creating a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city.

  • Builder -Builders of Architecture
  • Products – Cabinet Timbers Queensland Walnut Veneer
  • Project Completed – 2018
  • Location – Victoria

In this Victorian Terrace House, the Queensland Walnut veneer was used to accentuate key areas, harmonising with the Palm House theme. Its application in cabinetry, panelling, and furniture brought warmth and a sense of the tropics to the urban setting.

For this project, Cabinet Timbers’ Queensland Walnut veneer was the ideal choice. Sourced from the rainforests of North Queensland, this wood is not only locally relevant but also exquisitely beautiful. This walnut veneer, often likened to European Walnut, adds a sophisticated and natural elegance to the interiors. Its heartwood varies from medium pinkish brown to dark brown, often adorned with unique streaks of pinkish, greyish green, or blackish hues. The sapwood contrasts this with a pale yellow colour.

The grain of Queensland Walnut is usually interlocked, often presenting a wavy pattern. This, combined with its medium texture and moderate natural lustre, contributes to the wood’s dynamic and inviting appearance. The use of Cabinet Timbers’ Queensland Walnut veneer in this Victorian Terrace House renovation played a pivotal role in achieving the client’s vision. It not only complemented the architectural design but also added a layer of natural beauty and sophistication.

This Victorian Terrace House stands as a testament to how the right choice of materials can transform a space, merging the old with the new to create something truly extraordinary. Experience the difference with Cabinet Timbers.

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