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Marine plywood is regarded as the pinnacle of plywood grades, crafted from a range of various species.  This aquatic-grade plywood is exclusively made using “A” grade veneers, specifically from marine-approved species like Araucaria Hoop Pine. It’s bound with an “A” bond glue adhesive and adheres to the AS/NZ 2272 Australian standard.

Recognised for its density, bending strength, resistance and surface finishing traits. Marine Ply is perfectly suited to marine-related applications that usually involve flooring, fences, exterior furniture, decorative fit-outs, and ceiling panels. Where moisture-prone areas and condensation like bathrooms and pools, is a routine environmental factor that requires resilience against regular moisture and impact.

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Marine AA Plywood

Marine plywood has long been known as the “Rolls Royce” of plywood, and for good reason. It is a high-performing product, suitable when “only the best will do”. Constructed using the highest grade veneers (face and core veneer), marine species such as Hoop Pine are selected based on robustness, flexural strength, impact resistance and polished surface characteristics.

Our Marine AA plywood is manufactured in Australia to AS/NZS 2272 – 2006 standard and has a permanent Type A Phenolic bond.

Marine Ply, is like Hoop Exterior Plywood, except its construction, is stronger again, also it is A/A grade with its veneers. This makes it very suitable for shipwrighting, docks, building boats and repairs, like all plywood used in external applications all edges must be sealed. 

Cabinet Timbers distributes high-quality marine plywood Melbourne-wide.

Marine Plywood

Celebrating 100 years

From humble beginnings in 1924. Cabinet Timbers has grown to Victoria’s leading supplier of wood panels. We know the importance of thinking long-term. At Cabinet Timbers, we believe in sustainability – that’s why everything we sell is sourced from sustainably managed forests. After all, we’ve only got one planet, and it’s our responsibility to do what we can to protect it and reduce the impact of the Australian building and manufacturing industry.

Marine Plywood Sizes

3mm, 4mm, 6.5mm (5 ply), 9.5mm, 12.5mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm

Available upon request

Marine Plywood Melbourne
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Marine Grade Plywood FAQs

Is Marine Plywood Waterproof?

Despite its name, marine grade plywood itself is not waterproof. Yes, it’s a type of plywood that can handle moisture, but it’s actually the glue and an external surface spray that’s applied during manufacturing that makes it waterproof and therefore an excellent material for boat building and marine work.

What Is Marine Grade Plywood?

Marine grade plywood is a type of material manufactured from thin wood panels which are then bound together using waterproof glue. Known as a flexible and bending plywood. This material is designed to be structurally strong and able to withstand the pressure and movement that comes with being submerged in water, which is why it’s such a popular choice for boat hulls.

What Is Marine Plywood Made Of?

Our range of marine grade plywood is constructed using top-quality aracua cunningham timber veneers which are then pressed together and sealed with waterproof glue. The result is a strong and durable marine grade plywood that’s built to last. For more information:

Do I Need To Seal Marine Plywood?

All plywood needs to be sealed, including marine grade plywood. This helps ensure the material’s long-lasting finish and protects it against water damage and potential rot. The more time you spend making sure your plywood is sealed correctly, the longer it will last. 

The most effective way to seal marine grade plywood is with a prime wood sealant that works well with your project. A high-quality sealant will protect the marine ply against the harshest of elements and withstand the adverse effects of rot.

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