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Austral Premium AC Hoop Pine Plywood

Hoop Pine is a native Australian specie found in Queensland and New South Wales. The colour is generally whitish or light – coloured, the grain is straight and the texture is fine to very fine.

Hoop Pine, being a designated marine species is dimensionally stable, easy to work with and is suitable for applications involving long term exposure to Australia’s harsh environment without fear of de-lamination.

Austral Premium AC (Exterior) plywood is a high-quality plywood manufactured with a high grace face and a lesser grade back. Exterior plywood is suitable for semi-exposed applications, if finished correctly. Fully exposed applications such as wall cladding is not recommended.

Austral Plywoods resource is 100% plantation grown and managed by HQPlantations, part of the Hancock Group. The planting to harvesting cycle of Hoop Pine is presently about 50 years. The plantation programme has been in the second rotation stage since the mid 1980’s. Tree stems are pruned to a certain height during the first decade of growth in order to maximise the amount of high quality clear wood in the butt logs.

The HQP Hoop Pine resource is independently certified to the Responsible Wood (RW) system. This certification recognises HQP as a leading environmental agency as well as a premier forest management organisation.

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1.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm (3 ply), 6.5mm (5 ply), 9.5mm, 12.5mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm

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Hoop Pine Plywood FAQs

Yes and our Hoop plywood has also achieved Super EO certification on all A-Bonded plywood ( marine, exterior & structural ).

Yes, our Hoop Pine is 100% plantation grown and managed by HQPlantations. HQP is one of Australia’s largest tree planting organisations, establishing up to 5 million trees in its plantations each year.

Yes, our Hoop Pine range is certified for Chain of Custody under AS 4707:2014.

A is a full face with minimal imperfections & B may have a few imperfections, the odd split in veneer that has to be filled with putty that is similar colour to the veneer – Individually not exceeding 3mm across the grain.

No, plywood being a natural product is subject to a range of colour and grain variations. Our Hoop is graded to Australian Standards for “A” and “B” veneers however variations can be apparent within these grades. It is important that the installer checks panels prior to installation to ensure they are laid out in a way that minimises variations.

Yes, Hoop Pine has been assessed at Group 3.
Austral Fr Panel which is a Hoop Pine veneered MDF panel, complies with group 2. For group 1 applications, we recommend Austral FireHoop.

Hoop Pine is a native Australian specie found in Queensland and New South Wales. The colour is generally whitish or light – coloured, the grain is straight and the texture is fine to very fine.

Exterior Plywood FAQs

 Exterior plywood is high-quality construction material that’s most commonly used for semi exposed applications because of its water-resistant nature. While the plywood itself isn’t waterproof, the glue used during the manufacturing process creates a protective layer, meaning moisture is unable to penetrate it.

 While exterior plywood is designed to keep moisture out, it shouldn’t be submerged in water or exposed to excessive amounts of moisture for a long period of time as it can become damaged. 

 Great question! Exterior plywood is manufactured using only waterproof glue and should only be used for exposed applications like subflooring. Interior plywood on the other hand is made with water-resistant glue, so while it can resist moisture and mould, it’s only appropriate for interior applications such as interior panelling. 

 It all comes down to the manufacturing process. Plywood is constructed using layers of veneer. The quality and structure of these veneers determine plywood’s strength, durability and how it can be used. Marine plywood has an A-grade face and back, A-grade core veneers throughout and an A-bond glue system which makes it one of the highest grade plywoods on the market. Exterior plywood is made using an A-grade face and a B-grade or C-grade back. While it’s a lower-grade plywood than marine plywood, it’s perfect for roof linings, outdoor flooring and more. 

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