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Our Prefinished & Specialty Plywood

We can provide a selection of the best, 100% Australian made, pre-finished and specialty plywood. Manufactured from sustainable Queensland Hoop Pine, it’s suitable for all architectural applications including ceilings, walls, panelling, curved forms and cabinetry.

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Austral iHoop

iHoop is a pre-finished interior plywood feature panel for internal walls and ceilings. Manufactured from sustainable Queensland Hoop Pine, iHoop beautifully captures the natural warmth of this highly sought-after Australian species.

Manufactured at lower temperatures with a white glue line, resulting in a lighter and brighter appearance compared with other panels on the market. Couples with a high-quality clear coating, iHoop is ready to install. 

Prefinished & Specialty plywood


AriaPly is a factory finished plywood feature panel that is ready to install. Perfect for ceilings, soffits and internal walls, it is available in 7 attractive colours to suit any project. (Natural Hoop, Ash, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Jarrah , Walnut and Ebony). Samples are available upon request.

Made from high-quality exterior Hoop Pine plywood, AriaPly is a premium product throughout, finished with a unique 3 coat system that provides both good looks and durability.

Prefinished & Specialty Plywood

Clear Coat – Limewash Hoop Pine Plywood

Cabinet Timbers is pleased to have our own range of Clear Coat & Limewash Hoop Pine Plywood.

A perfect solution for interior & architectural applications. Backed with a 7 year coating warranty, Cabinet Timbers saves you the time of coating the panels yourself and providing you with  durable protection of the end product.

Suitable applications:

  • Wall & Ceiling Linings
  • Furniture
  • Partitions
  • Cabinetry

For more information look at the comparison to hoop pine vs birch wood today.

Prefinished & Specialty Plywood

Celebrating 100 years

From humble beginnings in 1924. Cabinet Timbers has grown to Victoria’s leading supplier of wood panels. We know the importance of thinking long-term. At Cabinet Timbers, we believe in sustainability – that’s why everything we sell is sourced from sustainably managed forests. After all, we’ve only got one planet, and it’s our responsibility to do what we can to protect it and reduce the impact of the Australian building and manufacturing industry.

Limewash Hoop Pine Plywood

Limewash Hoop Pine Plywood

Prefinished & Specialty Plywood FAQs

What Is Prefinished Plywood?

Prefinished plywood is a type of plywood that is supplied fully coated and ready to install, so you save time not having to treat the panels yourself. It’s suitable for a wide range of architectural applications such as ceiling, walls, panelling and cabinetry.

What Is Specialty Plywood?

Special plywood is plywood that has been treated, so it’s more durable and less susceptible to mould, decay and water damage.

What Is Prefinished Plywood Used For?

Pre-finished plywood has already been treated, so it typically has a more consistent finish than if you applied the coating yourself. The result is a more durable and sustainable type of plywood that requires less maintenance, which makes it ideal for ceilings, interior panelling and cabinetry. 

What Is Specialty Plywood Used For?

Just like prefinished plywood, specialty plywood is a strong and durable material that’s built to last, making it a popular choice for walls, ceilings, panelling and more interior projects.

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