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Austral Premium Interior Hoop Pine Plywood

Austral Premium AC (Interior) is manufactured to AS 2270 and is intended for use in non-structural, interior applications where a high-quality aesthetic finish is required. Typical applications include internal wall panelling, furniture, interior door skins and ceiling linings. Interior plywood must not be used in exposed, wet or damp conditions.

Unlike most other plywood available, Austral plywood premium interior is manufactured with a white glue line system, providing a clean and bright finish that enhances the beautiful Hoop Pine appearance.

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Bendy Ply

Bendy Ply is an interior/exterior grade non-structural plywood that is extremely flexible (hence the name). Bendy Ply is made up of thin layers of ply which means it will bend around a tight radius very easily. Bendy Ply is ideal for a range of practical applications that requires bends and curves.

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From humble beginnings in 1924. Cabinet Timbers has grown to Victoria’s leading supplier of wood panels. We know the importance of thinking long-term. At Cabinet Timbers, we believe in sustainability – that’s why everything we sell is sourced from sustainably managed forests. After all, we’ve only got one planet, and it’s our responsibility to do what we can to protect it and reduce the impact of the Australian building and manufacturing industry.

Non-Structural Plywood

Non-Structural Plywood, as its name implies can be used in applications, where it is non-load-bearing. It also has other names like case-grade plywood or pallet-grade plywood. As the name implies it is suitable for pallet and packing applications, also being plywood it does not need fumigating for export purposes. The timber veneers used in this grade are usually D, which means knot holes are un-filled, open slits are permitted, and it is also un-sanded.

Interior Plywood Sizes

3mm, 4mm, 5mm (3 ply), 6.5mm (5 ply), 9mm, 12.5mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm

Available upon request

Short grain
1200x 2400




Long grain




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Interior Plywood FAQs

What Is Interior Plywood Used For?

Interior plywood is extremely versatile, which makes it the perfect material for lining walls and ceilings, constructing furniture and much more.

What Type Of Plywood Is Used For Interior Walls?

When it comes to interior walls, we recommend going with structural plywood, hoop pine plywood or birch plywood as your material.

How Thick Is The Plywood Used For Interior Walls?

When installing interior walls, the thickness of the plywood panels you plan to use depends on the type of building they’re being installed in and how they’re being installed. But we suggest aiming for 9mm to 12mm thickness as that is the minimum requirement for plywood interior walls.

What Is Non-Structural Plywood?

Non-structural plywood is sometimes labelled as interior plywood. Non-structural plywood is manufactured using C-D Bond glues, which are made from urea formaldehyde resin. This type of resin tends to deteriorate quickly in hot and humid environments. So as the name would suggest, non-structural plywood has no structural rating, and it’s only suitable for wall linings, ceilings, furniture and other decorative type applications.

What Is Flexi Plywood?

Flexi Plywood is a type of plywood sheet that can curve and bend while still remaining stable. There are two types of Flexi Plywood sheets: ones that bend along the length of the sheet or across the width of the sheet.

What Is Flexi Plywood Used For?

Flexi Plywood is considered non-structural plywood, but it can be bent, rolled and twisted into any shape without breaking or cracking. Because of this unique feature, flexi plywood is a popular material for structures that require curvatures, such as household furniture, columns and feature displays.

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