Lightwell - Kew Cottage

A Light Filled Kew Cottage To Support A Growing Family

This Lightwell Kew Cottage stands as a welcome architectural evolution, seamlessly integrating the charm of its Victorian design with the demands of contemporary living. This project is a celebration of heritage and modernity, where the past is not overshadowed but rather enhanced by the new.

kew cottage with lightwell features

The extension of the Kew Cottage is a thoughtful homage to the original Victorian weatherboard house. It embodies simplicity in its roof forms and materiality, while also offering a nuanced reinterpretation of the existing home’s spatial narrative. The design doesn’t compete with the old but rather complements it, creating a cohesive and harmonious home living space.

  • Builder – Builders of Architecture
  • Architect – Walter & Walter 
  • Products – Cabinet Timbers Qtr Cut Plantation Oak
  • Project Completed – 2021
  • Location – Kew, Eastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria

With a growing family, the need for expansion was clear. The client’s vision was twofold: to extend the living space and to ensure that the new addition was bathed in natural light, mirroring the airy and luminous qualities of the original structure. The goal was to create a home that felt both expansive and intimate, with a careful balance of light and space.

In response to the client’s needs, we introduced Cabinet Timbers’ premium Quarter Cut Plantation Oak. This natural timber product was chosen for its ability to enhance and reflect the natural light that dances through the Kew Cottage. Its placement was strategic, designed to complement the skylights and the cathedral ceiling, thus creating a symphony of light and wood that elevates the entire space.

The result is a space that feels timeless. The new addition, with its cathedral ceilings and strategic use of skylights, has transformed the Lightwell Kew Cottage into a sanctuary of light and warmth. The Quarter Cut Plantation Oak not only meets the functional needs of a growing family but also serves as a focal point of design, a testament to the beauty of natural materials.

We invite you to explore the Lightwell – Kew Cottage. Where the light meets the beauty of our Quarter Cut Plantation Oak. Experience a home designed for the future, yet rooted in history with Cabinet Timbers.

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