Malvern Victorian Building

Heritage Meets Modernity in Malvern

Nestled in the inner east of Melbourne, this residential project by Nicholas Murray Architects masterfully navigates the challenges presented by a heritage Victorian building and a significantly sloping site. The design brief required a multi-level house that seamlessly integrates with the descending landscape at the rear, culminating in a design that respects its historical context while embracing modern living.

modern malvern victorian building

The architectural approach taken by Nicholas Murray Architects artfully balances the heritage charm of the existing Victorian structure with bold, contemporary elements. The house spans several levels, designed to follow the natural gradient of the site, allowing for a fluid transition from the indoor spaces to the outdoor landscape. This connection is further facilitated by a glass-walled lift, ensuring accessibility and longevity in the home, enabling occupants to enjoy their home ‘forever’.

  • Architect – Nicholas Murray Architects
  • Products – Cabinet Timbers Interior Limewash Hoop Pine Plywood
  • Location – Victoria, Malvern (3144)

A striking feature of the design is the use of black zinc both internally and externally. This material choice creates a vivid contrast against the old red brickwork of the original building, exemplifying the architect’s signature style of contrasting the old with the new in a bold and honest manner.

Cabinet Timbers played a pivotal role in this project by supplying Interior Limewash Hoop Pine Plywood, used primarily in detailed interior elements. This product was chosen for its natural beauty and ability to introduce a light, airy feel to the interiors, which complements the heavier external materials. The limewash finish aligns perfectly with the modern aesthetic, providing a subtle backdrop that enhances the more dramatic elements of the design.

Emphasising sustainability, the chosen materials not only respect the architectural heritage but are also selected for their durability and environmental credentials. The integration of modern materials with traditional techniques creates a sustainable living environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Explore more about how Cabinet Timbers can contribute to your architectural project by visiting our project pages. Discover the potential to merge heritage with modernity in your designs.

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