McRae Veneer Cabinet Project

Newly Built Blackbutt Veneer Cabinets in the Hills of McRae

A residential home in the scenic hills of McRae has been beautifully enhanced with the addition of newly built veneer cabinets. This elegant upgrade was made possible through the expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials provided by Cabinet Timbers, reflecting the homeowner’s commitment to both style and functionality.

McCrae Veneer Blackbutt Cabinet

In this bespoke installation, Cabinet Timbers’ Blackbutt Veneer brings a piece of the natural environment into the home, harmoniously blending with the lush surroundings of McRae. The veneer is noted for its rich textures and vibrant patterns, which enhance the overall design by adding depth and character to the living space.

  • Cabinet Maker – Lux Cabinets
  • Products – Cabinet Timbers Natural Feature Blackbutt
  • Project Completed – 2024
  • Location – Hills of McRae, Victoria

The project features the exclusive use of Cabinet Timbers’ Natural Feature Blackbutt, a choice that underscores a commitment to quality and sustainability. This timber is renowned for its durability and the captivating natural features that make each installation unique.

The end result is a space that feels both contemporary and timeless, where the beauty of natural wood stands out as the defining feature of the home’s design. This project not only demonstrates Cabinet Timbers’ prowess in providing high-quality materials but also highlights Lux Cabinets’ capability in turning those materials into masterpieces of interior design.

For those inspired by this project, Cabinet Timbers continues to offer a range of high-quality timber products that promise to bring beauty and functionality to any space.

Explore our selections and envision the transformation of your own space into something truly exceptional.

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