Waverly Christian College - Two-Storey Junior School

Waverley Christian College's Junior School Expansion

The expansion of Waverley Christian College’s Junior School at the Narre Warren South Campus marks a significant milestone in the institution’s development. This project, forming the second stage of the campus’s master plan, addresses the growing demand for quality education facilities due to an increase in student enrolment.

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The design and construction of the new school building is a two-storey junior school, thoughtfully designed to cater to the dynamic needs of young learners. As the expansion was aimed at accommodating the surge in student numbers, ensuring that each child receives the attention and resources they need for a comprehensive education. The rooms of the two-storey junior school are lined with Cabinet Timbers’ Prefinished Lime Hoop plywood, renowned for its modern design and it’s benefits of with sound absorbing. 

  • Architect – Williams Ross Architects
  • Builder – Harris HMC
  • Products – Cabinet Timbers Prefinished Lime Hoop Plywood
  • Project Completed – 2018
  • Location – Narre Warren South, Victoria

The use of Cabinet Timber’s chosen products has transformed the classrooms and common areas into more engaging and comfortable spaces for students. Whilist the durability and sustainability of the material ensures that the school will enjoy these benefirs for years to come, making it a sustainable choice for educational infrastructure.

For the Waverly Christian College’s Junior School project, Cabinet Timbers’ Prefinished Lime Hoop Plywood was the ideal material of choice. This selection was not just for it’s visual appeal but also for its functional benefits. Our prefinished lime material adds a warm, modern, inviting look to the school’s interiors. Its natural texture and finish bring a sense of calm and connection to nature, which is vital in creating a conducive learning environment. In fact, one of the key features of this ply material is its sound-absorbing qualities. In a bustling school environment, reducing noise pollution is crucial. This material helps create a quieter, more focused learning spaces, which is essential for the junior school setting. 

The Waverley Christian College Two-Storey School expansion is a testament to thoughtful educational architecture, where every element is chosen with the students’ best interests in mind. Cabinet Timbers’ Prefinished Lime Hoop Plywood stands out as a key component in this project, contributing both aesthetically and functionally to the creation of an optimal learning environment.

Join us in celebrating the remarkable blend of contemporary design and educational excellence at Waverley Christian College’s new two-storey school. Discover the difference with Cabinet Timbers.

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