The Versatile Uses of Decorative Melamine

Best Advise for Utilising Versatile Decorative Melamine

Of all the many wood panel products we have on offer here at Cabinet Timbers, arguably none have been so rapidly adopted and popularised than melamine panels. A premium wood panel product that offers a wide variety of surface textures (not to mention colours), melamine is renowned for its consistently high-quality finishes that also happen to be wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. 

Both the aesthetic appeal and cost-efficiency of melamine have made it a popular choice for constructing modern interiors in both residential and commercial settings. Nowadays, you’re likely to see melamine boards in a wide range of contexts and projects, including in cabinetry, wall panelling, joinery and even retail and commercial spaces.

To shed some more light on this innovative building material, our team at Cabine Timbers will be outlining all the most common applications of our COLOURpyne® decorative melamine boards as well as providing more information for anybody interested in securing some of the products across our range of melamine boards.

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The benefits of working with decorative melamine

As we outline on our product page for decorative melamine, these unique wood panel products are manufactured using formaldehyde resin. As the formaldehyde resin is set using a heat treatment process, decorative melamine is effectively manufactured to resist excessive heat, as well as moisture and stains.

This makes decorative melamine a highly suitable material for constructing wall panelling, joinery, and even storage and work surfaces in areas that are likely to experience a higher than average moisture content. Yes, this includes kitchen, bathroom and laundry spaces around the home.

Another major benefit of melamine boards is their superior strength and durability in comparison to other wood products. Their resin construction ensures that melamine boards are incredibly dense, with exceptional screw-holding properties. This makes melamine easier to work with than other less dense and durable wood materials – even despite being similarly priced.

Finally, one of the most prominent benefits for many of our clients and customers here at Cabinet Timbers is simply that our range of COLOURpyne® decorative melamine boards is actually quite substantial, offering an expansive selection of colours and surface finishes (we offer gloss, decor, natural wood grain, and velvet)

So to recap, here are the key benefits of working with decorative melamine:

  • Cost-effective
  • Heat- and moisture-resistant
  • Dense material built for superior durability
  • Great screw-holding properties
  • Available in a range of colours and textures

Different applications for decorative melamine panels

With the benefits of melamine outlined above, you should already have some idea of where you’re most likely to find this versatile building material. But in the spirit of our tips and guides, we’re here to provide even more information on all the different applications of decorative melamine.

Here are just some of the most common use cases for our decorative melamine products.

decorative kitchen bathroom and laundry spaces

Kitchen, bathroom and laundry spaces

Our highly moisture resistant melamine panels are suitable for application in high-moisture interiors. This includes kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry room facilities across both residential and commercial contexts. Moisture resistant melamine is also suitable for constructing detailed joinery in wet areas across homes and commercial buildings. 

As melamine panels are also easy to wipe down, another common application for these materials is installing them as functional surfaces and workbenches in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Cabinetry, shelving and wardrobe storage units

The high-quality finish of decorative melamine boards make them suitable for use in constructing cabinetry, shelving and wardrobe storage amenities that require exceptional presentation. This is precisely why decorative melamine panels are popular with residential and commercial building developers in Melbourne.

So if you’re after highly presentable and durable building materials from a reputable building materials supplier, you really can’t go wrong with ordering some COLOURpyne® decorative melamine products from Cabinet Timbers!

decorative cabinetry, shelving and wardrobe storage units
decorative wall panelling

Wall panelling

Speaking of presentation, another great application for melamine products is in customer-facing environments for commercial and industrial business premises. It’s common to see decorative melamine products being used to construct reception areas, foyers, and waiting rooms, as the high-quality finish of our melamine products makes them highly suitable for developing low-maintenance and highly presentable commercial spaces.

Shop displays and fit-outs

For retail environments, decorative melamine panels are an ideal solution for not only wall panelling but also shelving. The wide range of different colours and textures also ensures retail business owners to select melamine products that best align with their branding.

decorative shop displays and fit-outs

How to order decorative melamine products from Cabinet Timbers

Found lots to love about our decorative melamine panels here at Cabinet Timbers? Then you’ll be glad to hear that ordering some of these versatile melamine panels for yourself is actually pretty simple.

This is because our decorative melamine panels are available in a range of different dimensions and thicknesses. Simply select the ideal colour and texture that suits your woodworking or construction project. From there, our team at Cabinet Timbers will prepare your order and ship your materials out to you promptly. 

Have any more questions about our full range of decorative melamine products and their best use cases? Then simply contact us via our website or give us a call at (03) 8353 2222 today.


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