American Walnut Veneers

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American Walnut Veneers

American Walnut Quarter Cut Veneer

Cabinet Timbers produce high-quality genuine American Walnut veneers. American Walnut veneer panels can be used for a variety of indoor applications including for doors, wall panelling, kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, ceiling panels, furniture, offices and shopfitting.

American Walnut Quarter Cut Veneer, originating from North America, boasts a refined medium-brown colour. While its grain is typically straight and smooth, it’s also celebrated for its durability.  Furthermore, this veneer is also known as Caneletto, Virginia Walnut and Black Walnut. The Amercian Walnut veneer is usually book-matched, so adjoining surfaces have almost the same appearance but are mirrored. Quarter cut veneers are made by cutting a log into quarters before slicing each quarter at right angles to the growth rings. This results in a veneer with a uniform lined vertical grain for a contemporary finish.

American Walnut Veneers

American Walnut Crown Cut Veneer

American Walnut Crown Cut veneers are made by cutting the log of wood in half, and then slicing the half straight across, running parallel to a line through the centre of the log at a tangent to the growth rings. This causes crown cut veneers to have a strong grain pattern in their centre, with a more linear effect towards the edges resulting in a beautiful finish.

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Our American Walnut Crown Cut veneers environmentally friendly. Not only is wood a recyclable and renewable material, but using veneers also extends the use of a piece of timber compared to using one solid piece. Our range of American Walnut veneers are stocked in our Melbourne warehouse. 

Specifications For American Walnut Veneers

Origin: North America

Sizes available: 19mm

Other sizes made to order on request – lead times apply.

Origin: North America

Sizes available: 4.2mm,  and 19mm.

Other sizes made to order on request – lead times apply.

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